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The Dead-Harry Quilt

When we sold the cottage all I wanted was the Dead-Harry quilt. You can have all the roosters I told my sister Kelly who would have taken them anyway. If I protested, she would have 


February 4 / 5 min. read

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My name is Judy which isn't ironic yet. Grade six we had home-ec. We learned weiner wind-ups and chicken divan before the teacher finally let us into the dimmed side of the 


January 22 / 5 min. read

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Theo Waits

Unless you are talking about things I can plant in my stories like the wooden bridge that went sideways during winter storms or the sound of night hockey down the lake or the 


December 19 / 5 min. read

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It Gets Weird

I make people up, one after the other. I like them flawed in character, circumstance, appearance – sometimes all three – which makes loving them a cinch. One or two try to get by


December 8 / 5 min. read

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Tommy Tomorrow

I have so many pretend situations going on you wouldn't believe it. Documents open on my desktop that say things like Uncle Norm wasn't Teds real father and everybody knew it 


November 30 / 5 min. read



Aunt Trixie borrowed me on Saturdays. She could have asked for Helen who was prettier, Mary who was nicer, or even Carol who everybody said was a hoot. But she picked me. 


November 15 / 5 min. read

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I took an online writing course which I tried to cancel but it was too late. Our first assignment was to tell one truth and one lie and our fellow writers had to determine which was 


November 8 / 5 min. read

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Love Love

My mother was an actress. She wore capes – long ones that billowed behind her as if they were motorized – and when she was still, they landed on the floor in beautiful puddles. 


October 29 / 5 min. read

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My Sitcom Life

Everyone in this room can hear the scream coming from behind the closed door. There are six of us, like Gilligan's Island. There's the professor, and the other old guy can be 


October 26 / 12 min. read

In The Press


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This is where I will sell nice little volumes of short stories. I have a lot of work to do before this happens. I don't mean the writing kind of work – that's the good kind – I mean the commerce kind for which I am entirely missing the knack.

This is where I will sell nice little volumes of short stories.

They will be called The Story Parade, Volume 1, etc.

I have a lot of work to do before this happens and I don't mean

the writing kind. I mean the Amazon kind which I have the

opposite personality for. (This applies to commerce in general.)

I hope you enjoy these stories, or floats as I like to call them.


– Sherry  


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I think of the stories in The Story Parade as floats. Each of them are meant to steal your heart from the last like floats in a parade. This is a forward-moving parade, so everything here is brand new. I'll be posting weekly. Or so. Very short pieces, mostly. Some of these have been previously published in Open Arts Forum and Silver Magazine. Thank you for reading.



Any writer will tell you it's a lonely pursuit – it's joyous when it works, excruciating when it doesn't – but it's a lonely pursuit. By subscribing, you make it less so. When you subscribe I hear a little cheer – a dose of encouragement – and it's infinitely nicer to dole out these little floats of joy and love and anguish and tragedy when I know you're listening.

 Thank you!


As long as they are appropriately credited,

please feel free to share any of these stories.


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